Discover an easy and effective way to help ROLDA save more dogs from your work.

If you’re a current ROLDA supporter or someone who wants to help save stray dogs in Romania, and who believes our charity would make a bigger impact with more contributors, then you can make that change!


Talk to your employer about contributing to our cause through workplace giving.

What is Workplace Giving?

Workplace giving campaigns are annual, employer-sponsored programs that offer employees the opportunity to make a charitable contribution through payroll deduction.

How impactful is Workplace Giving?


Charities are extremely efficient with the contributions they receive. That’s why we always tell you that “no donation is too small.” We are grateful for every donation, and we put every dollar we receive to good use.

ROLDA is no different! We cherish every contribution, and we always ensure that our dogs reap the benefits.

Your individual donations make a big difference in a stray dog’s life. But because you and I want to save more stray dogs from suffering, we need to ACT BIG!

Workplace Giving raises collective contributions by raising awareness. Perhaps your employer or colleagues are not aware of the stray dog crisis in Romania but bringing it to their attention may motivate them to contribute to our solution.

Will my employer or colleagues agree?

The only way to know is by asking. It doesn’t hurt to ask or to have a conversation about workplace giving. Just remember that it’s important to respect the decision and circumstances of others and not be pushy.

Even if they do not agree or are unable to contribute now, you should feel proud that you made the effort. And both you and I will always be grateful you did!

Thank you, kindly.