23 Sep

Save Bela

If you turn your head away, she will die.
If your eyes can’t bear looking, imagine the pain she feels!

“Bela is badly injured” she cried to the vet, taking off from a plastic shopping bag, a dog with face half disfigurated.
Bela lives in Cismele village, one of the poorest regions in south east of Romania. Her human companions are extremely poor, they often have nothing to eat, they live in an improvised house. When Bela’s family has no food, the dog has no leftovers. Being hungry after not eating for many days, Bela went to hunt some chickens in neighbors area and this was a big mistake because, vigilant, the neighbor hit Bela with a metallic object right on her face, in a moment when she didn’t pay attention to avoid human’s attack being focused to her prey.

Uneducated but with good intentions, being aware that they can’t afford to pay medical bills, but didn’t want to let her die in agony, Bela’s owners try to fix her face with an adhesive tape glued over the injury.

Of course, this made the whole matter worse because infection spread under the adhesive tape.

“Every time I say I saw everything, I realize how wrong I am. You have a minor cut in kitchen and its painful, you hurt yourself moving furniture and its painful…you fall and broke your nose and you agonize and rush to hospital…to live with half face basically smashed the way Bela’s face look – well, this is blocking my brain. I can’t understand some people’s level of cruelty, I can’t understand how these dogs survive in such pain …until we finally rescue them. In fact, I understand less and less the World I am living in.

Bela beauty comes from “inside” out …after she will fully recover, she will also look amazingly “outside”!
Dogs usually forget and live “in present” but Bela will don’t care about her face’scars but every time I will look at her, I will remember. “Because if you love them the way I do, you simply can’t forget.” said Dana Costin, founder of ROLDA when meeting Bela for the first time.

Bela is an adorable, sociable dog. Once her face will be fixed, Bela will be transferred in ROLDA shelter where she will enjoy a good life until being adopted abroad.

Please make a small donation in support of Bela’s recovery and you can follow up how she is doing on ROLDA Facebook page. Be blessed for having a good heart for each animal in pain that really need every possible help to live a normal life.

Bela story responds to many questions posed by ROLDA supporters from abroad:

1. Why helping the local community’s pets in rural areas?
Obviously,  because there is where our help is needed the most, in poor communities where people can’t afford to pay vets bills, where people are uneducated and their pets in the highest danger. We don’t choose easy work, because we were never avoid challenges.

2. Why not put to sleep immediately dogs like Bela?
After suffering a whole life, Bela’s luck changed the day we were able to save her. ROLDA duty is to try to help each dog in need of medical attention …and not choose the cheapest and easiest way to solve these problems. It’s veterinary choice to put a dog to sleep, it is our choice to provide funds to try to save each dog in need. Bela needed a chance to be healed and have her future changed.

3. Why ROLDA prefers international adoptions?
The level of education is different in countries where we choose to send our dogs, in loving, forever homes. After so much sufferance, Bela deserves a safe place to call home, where she will never be in danger, ever again.