minute, time of a whole life

We still need your help


If I will take only 1 minute from your time, I would quickly tell you that ROLDA continues to need you to transform the lives of abused and neglected dogs in a country with 2.5 million strays. Because every minute in Romania a dog is hit by a car and suffer until he passes away, alone. When you will finish reading the whole message, 1 more will be gone in dogs Heaven, either from under a truck wheel or from a horrible dog pound.


Please listen… I have 40 more seconds left to give meaning to time that is passing too quickly, word after word, second after the second and to ask you to stay TOGETHER and empower this time with the gift of life. Because you have the power to make from this minute a unique opportunity. This minute, it’s the time of a whole life. A life like Pingu’s.



We can transform a dog’s life to prevent him to end up under a truck wheel or in filthy prisons called public shelters. Pingu was saved by ROLDA from the local public shelter, he was living in a kennel full of large dogs which wouldn’t give this gentle dog any chance for survival. With eyes full of tears, our mind was blocked by hundreds of images of dogs we already met during that day, but in that second, when we saw Pingu, we knew he is too vulnerable and needs our help. ROLDA saved Pingu from sure death, we transported him to our shelter and in June he travels to a forever new home in Canada.


10 seconds left won’t be enough to describe a visit to the public shelter, how dogs climb the gate, how they stuck their heads between bars, looking into your eyes to see your soul. But to cheer you up, I have enough time left to tell you how gorgeous Pingu’s smile is today.
Every minute is vital especially for those who run out of time, suffering in this cruel world. The good news is, for some, we can make a difference before it will be too late. It only takes a minute, but it will last forever.

My time expired, a promise is a promise. If you love all dogs from your big heart, be the promise they need.


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For me, for ROLDA team and all wonderful supporters like you, 7884000 minutes already gone, from the beginning in 2006 when we officially became a registered charity. 15 years already passed. Together, we are the change for animals in need.

For our 15 years anniversary, we couldn’t have a dream to celebrate this moment with anyone else but you. Because with you, together, we’re the people we’ve been waiting for to give these animals a better future.