img_0715-caraCara was born on the streets of Romania. It took just three months for those streets to cripple her for life.
She was found alone by the side of a rural road, unable to move.


Witnesses saw her being hit by a car (which never stopped). A couple of people ran to Cara’s aid and were surprised that
she, a tiny pup, had survived the collision. One witness called us immediately.


She told us to, “…please hurry, this puppy is in terrible pain!


After Cara was examined by our veterinarian, he confirmed that her hind legs had suffered heavy impact which, sadly, left her paralyzed. However, he was hopeful that one of her hind legs could be saved from being amputated with the help of special therapy and a little luck.

The other leg, he believed, may not be so fortunate.


Please help Cara by donating today. Support her with as little or as much as you can. Anything is better than nothing, and if we hurry, we just might spare this poor pup more unnecessary grief.

ROLDA Restores Life to Strays

Cara’s story shows how

“Over the years, many of the stray dogs ROLDA has rescued were seriously hurt. They were difficult images to look at it, for all of us, but that’s part of our work, our mission, to save and give them a second chance at life, a better life. Unfortunately, we couldn’t save them all. That’s also part of our work…to accept the loss of life. It’s not easy. It hurts. It’s hard to move on sometimes. Whether they survived or not, the images are forever burned in my mind…they even haunt me. Looking at Cara, one probably wouldn’t be haunted by her because she isn’t disfigured or covered in blood. She even looks peaceful. But this three or four-month-old puppy was the victim of a hit-and-run that left her hind legs paralyzed. Her life has barely begun and she’s already a victim of an ignorant crime that has damaged her on a physical and emotional level. But Cara’s life is not over. We’re here to make sure of that, and that she is adopted by a loving person or family who will cherish her forever.”

Dana Costin, ROLDA Founder

Please check our Before/After page to see more special cases of dogs who have been rescued from death and are now safe and happy because you care and believe in our work.


Dogs who need a forever home. They’ve all been living on the streets, exposed to unimaginable dangers. Today, they are safe with us in our ROLDA sanctuaries, waiting for their forever home. Do you have one to give?

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