img_0653-bar2BAR was discovered behind a bush whimpering softly and breathing erratically as if he no longer had the strength or the will to communicate his agony to the world…as if he literally chose this spot to spend his dying days…alone, as if not to disturb the world around him.


Perhaps it was a relief for Bar to be leaving this world. A world that welcomed him, like every stray, with cruelty, loneliness, and injustice. A world that forced him to starve…to endure sickness…to suffer unjustified ignorance and torture…basically, a world that treated him unfairly without any reason whatsoever.


Yes, for Bar it was a great relief to be departing such a world.
He could no longer walk to find garbage to eat on the streets. He could no longer crawl to look for a drinking water source. He could no longer even search for a reason to keep trying. So, lay behind a bush…waiting for the pain to end.


But then we found him…and introduced an entirely different world full of kindness, compassion, and love. We gave him a reason to fight. And he did.

The wound on his leg seemed to be about a week old. Bar’s deteriorating immune system prevented him to have immediate amputation surgery. For two weeks he refused to eat anything. The vet treated him with painkillers, antibiotics, and intravenous food to prepare him for surgery.


Shortly after he began his treatment, Bar’s appetite reappeared. Not only his appetite for food but his appetite for life. Today, Bar is eating normally and in a few days, will be fit to undergo the amputation surgery. This is the first and the most important step in his recovery.

And we will be there with him. Always!

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