buck_vetBUCK was rescued from the street after being hit by speeding a car. We were contacted by an individual who had witnessed the horrible collision. Moments later, our Rescue Team arrived at the scene to transport Buck to our clinic. Buck was lying on his side, urinating and shaking uncontrollably as he was being helped.


Due to lack of equipment in Galati’s veterinarian clinics, Buck had to be driven to another town to have x-rays taken. We were thrilled to learn that Buck’s injuries were not life-threatening and that he would be able to walk again.


For days Buck lay on his side while we treated his wounds and administered injections. After the pain subsided, Buck began therapy. Our staff moved his hind legs manually and helped him perform special exercises every day to help his recovery.Not long after we published Buck’s story on social media, he was wanted for adoption by a lady in Germany named Sabine.


Unfortunately, Buck’s Snap Test revealed that he had heartworm disease and had to be treated before he could be adopted.

Buck was treated for heartworm from the proceeds of our international heartworm fundraiser; however, we were all terrified that we had diagnosed the fatal disease too late.


It was a great relief to learn that Buck was no longer infected with heartworm disease, and was adopted immediately by Sabine from Germany on October 12, 2017. Today, Buck and Sabine are inseparable, and living in harmony together!


Because of your generosity, Buck will never be exposed to dangers on the streets, he will ever be forced to chase/hunt for food or eat trash! But there are so many other homeless dogs like Buck, waiting for us to save them!


Buck lives happily now in Germany. Help us help them!

As you read these lines, please be as generous as you can for thousands of homeless dogs who are suffering.

Buck Story: From a paralyzed stray dog to a spoiled pet in Germany.

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Generous supporters helped us to save others dogs like


HERA‘s body was covered entirely in tar when we rescue her. Thanks to ROLDA supporters, Hera’s wounds were completely healed and she left Romania behind, living safely in Finland.


CHICK was found malnourished, dehydrated, with severe skin problems that made her entire body itchy and painful.  Chick now recovers in a safe, clean shelter where she will be forever loved.


CARA is a 3 months old puppy who already suffered too much: Abandoned to die after being hit by a car, Cara suffered temporary paralysis of back legs. With proper medical care and therapy, Cara was able to walk again.