Laure (Suisse) - March 2018
”Dana: I want to tell you such a big thank you for your kindness. You do such an inspiring job for all those dogs. I’m feeling so blessed to have experienced that in Galati Romania and I’m completely for your cause. Sending your best greetings and take care of you and all those sweet dogs.” Read more >>
Lena Sweden - February 2018
”The ROLDA sanctuaries are run by the devoted Dana Costin together with her co-workers. Today there are more than six hundred dogs, and the donkey Ben, for them to care for. A visit at the large sanctuary is an emotional experience : Glad to see all these dogs saved from their former life, victims of hunger, violence and danger of accidents and diseases - sad to see how much more care they need, and how many of them crave intensively for contact with humans. Rolda's goal is to adopt as many of these dogs as possible to homes in Europe, where they can get love and care and a life worthy a living soul. A lot of work is also done to cure dogs who suffer from injuries and diseases. To save[...]” Read more >>
H.E. Matthijs van Bonzel The Ambassador of Holland
”The young generation is the hope for this country to solve its (many) problems.” Read more >>
Lolita Morena Board member ROLDA Romania, vice-President Association ROLDA Suisse, visit ROLDA a few times/year,
”After passing the gates of the large shelter ROLDA, first thing thatyou’ll be struck by is the silence, almost unreal of this place(….)and when, after the visit, the gates are closed, we know that a piece of ROLDA will remain forever etched in our memory.” Read more >>
Stephan Belgium, March 2016
”To shelter more than 600 dogs you need to have a good notion of organization and responsibility but more than that also a sense of respect for living souls.Yes, ROLDA is great hope for many of them to have once the chance to find a deserved peaceful life. Support ROLDA today and you will have the feeling like me to have saved a life from the death.” Read more >>
Sandra ROLDA Sverige board, visited ROLDA in 2012 and October 2014
”TI got off the train in Galati and Dana picked me up, she drove me to the shelter and it was so nice to catch up with her since it was almost 2 years than my last visit. At the shelter I was greeted with a lot of wagging tails and kisses. ROLDA dogs are truly happy dogs and you can see that they are well taken care of because otherwise they wouldn’t be so happy and search for attention. But with that said we need to remember that a life in a kennel is not a life for a dog and we need to work harder to get these lovely dogs to their forever home. Dana showed me the vet clinic and all the improvements that have been done since last time I visited. The sun went down and Dana showed me[...]” Read more >>
Yelena Switzerland, adopter, visited ROLDA in September 2014
”I enjoyed it very much, to see the dogs, cuddle most of them, it was a little hard to see the big shelter for me, but then I realised how lucky they were to have you and to be there with you! Being with you, means that they will find their forever home very soon, and in the meantime they are safe and taken care of! I’m amazed of all the things you’ve done for the dogs! They are all so happy, sweet and full of love, like they forgot all the pain they went through in the street! And I don’t have enough words to describe how it makes me feel. You give hope and love to these dogs, it’s just amazing…” Read more >>
Silje Norway, adopter, donor, visited ROLDA in summer 2014
”Thank you for giving me this experience, I have felt so welcome and taken care of here and Fiorella.. I can never thank you enough for her.” Read more >>
Avalon Australia
”I cannot speak highly enough of ROLDA; the battles you’re facing on a daily basis would be too much for a lot of people and they would just turn their backs and give up, but the truly amazing animal angels of ROLDA put the needs of the neglected, hungry, frightened, injured and beaten-down street dogs first, every time. I buy lottery tickets in the hope of winning a huge amount of money – to give to brilliant organizations such as ROLDA because THEY are making our world better. Thank you so much for everything you do!You are a real angel!”



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