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About Adoption

What is the adoption procedure?

The first step is to complete the online adoption form. If you have any questions, please contact us either by email at or by telephone on 01615317797. Once you have completed the adoption form, our UK coordinator will be in contact. Complete our adoption form!

How much is the adoption fee?

The adoption fee for the UK is 150 GBP which covers vaccination, pet passport, microchipping and registration in the database, as well as a crucial health test before transportation. The adoption fee doesn’t include transport costs. Please visit the Adoption page to find out more.

How are animals transported in the UK?

We use a UK company to transport our dogs to the UK. The company A2B Pet Transport is DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs) approved. Their vans are heated, ventilated and air-conditioned to ensure the animals travel as comfortably as possible.

How do you assess someone before they adopt a dog?

ROLDA promote only sociable, healthy dogs via our website and we only agree to an adoption if we feel the person is ready to accept an ex-street dog. We also ensure that the dog they identify is the right temperament for them. After completing a pre-adoption application, all adopters receive a mandatory home check and they all sign an adoption contract. After receiving the dog, adopters remain in good communication with our trustworthy representatives from ROLDA international branches. These representatives often meet our dogs and their new families during various events that we organise.

About Donations, Payroll, Gift Aid

Is my donation to ROLDA UK tax deductible?

Yes! If you are a UK taxpayer, we are able to claim back via Gift Aid 25p for every £1 you donate. Please click here to find out more info! Please click here to find out more info!

How do I access ROLDA Financial Report?

Transparency is important for us because this is, in our view, the minimal form of respect that a charity should show to its supporters. Please visit one of these pages to get instant access to ROLDA financial reports:

What is Gift Aid?

Gift Aid was introduced by the government to allow charities to reclaim the tax that supporters have already paid on their donations. For every £1 donated, the taxman gives us an extra 25p, so our income from your donations increases by an extra quarter. We can only claim on donations made within the last four years. Tax unclaimed before this will be lost forever, so please act now.
More information on Gift Aid can be found

Why 25p per £1?

It’s linked to the current basic rate of income tax (which is currently 20 per cent). As a basic rate taxpayer, for every £1.25 you earn, you will pay 25p to the taxman and receive £1 in your pocket. It is this 25p we claim.

What if I'm a pensioner?

We can still claim the full 25 per cent on your donations, providing you pay at least as much tax as we will be reclaiming in the year in which you made your gifts. As a pensioner, for example, you may still pay tax on a private pension scheme or a savings account, or pay Capital Gains Tax if you sell property or shares.

About Payroll Giving

When do my donations start?

Your first Payroll Giving donation will be made on your next payday unless you sign up just after your company’s payroll has been produced, in which case your first donation will be deducted on the following payday.

How does the tax relief work?

Your Payroll Giving donation is made up of two parts: your salary donation plus the tax you would have paid on that part of your salary had you not made a donation. For example, if you are a basic rate, 20%, taxpayer, to donate £10, only £8.00 would be deducted from your salary. £2.00 is the tax you would have paid on the £10, and that is paid to the charity.
The tax effect means that, for the same net cost to you, ROLDA UK receives even more from higher-rate taxpayers.
This tax element is paid directly to the charity. The charity does not have to claim it. It is, therefore, a very cost-effective way for us to receive donations.

How do I know that ROLDA UK have received my donation?

When donations start being taken from your salary they will appear on your payslip.

Can I change how much I am donating if I want to?

Yes, you can change how much you want to donate at any time. To change your donation amount, please contact your company’s payroll department.

Yes, all you would need to do is notify your payroll department.

Of course! You can donate to as many UK-registered charities as you want to.

How can I help from UK

How can I support ROLDA UK

Like all other charities, ROLDA survives because of its generous supporters. You can make a one-time donation for a specific project, or goal or for general purposes. Or you can choose to make a monthly gift and sponsor one of our dogs. You can help us plan the future of ROLDA carefully and join our Legacy Society Or you can volunteer your skills to our charity. Or you can visit us and meet all our dogs. And the best gift of all is you can adopt a dog. Click here to visit the Dogs Website where you can sponsor or adopt our best dogs!

I’m not able to donate right now, how else can I help?

There is a variety of ways to help our charity from the UK. If you can’t support us financially, you can still be an important member of our rescue team. You can become an active volunteer for any of the ROLDA branches spread over 3 continents, in the following countries: USA, Australia, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK. Please see our volunteer page: you can come to Romania to volunteer in our shelters or you can be a virtual volunteer and help from behind your computer, sharing our articles on social networks or on your blog.

You can leave ROLDA a gift in your will to learn more.

If you have experience with dogs, you can help us foster a dog.

You can donate your old car to support ROLDA UK here.
You can save dogs in need while shopping on:

These are just some ideas …Get in touch with our team to decide the best way in which you can help us: (Gemma)