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A word from Dana

When I founded ROLDA, I never had time to think about where we’d be in 15 years. For me, these 15 years represent everything: the inception, the daily struggles, and the dream to make ROLDA better. For more than 15 years, I have devoted my life to nurturing animals who need comfort, to understand their behavior, and to fulfill their needs. Helping animals in need is my passion, and it has challenged me to be resourceful and creative, but I admit that I have had a bit of luck along the way!


Stray dogs in Romania continue to have multiple litters of puppies, and most of these newborns will not survive. Sadly, many of them are poisoned or abused. Others, like Botic, are struck by cars! Luckily, Botic survived the impact, and he is ROLDA’s first rescue dog of 2021!


Ask the Romanian National Veterinary Authority (ANSVSA) to shut down or remodel the public pounds to meet the sanitary and humane requirements for better living conditions.


Rescued in Romania, loved globally. Over the last 15 years, we have successfully found forever homes throughout the world for more than 1500 Romanian stray dogs.

15 Accomplishments and counting…

What the past 15 years mean for ROLDA

Builds the first modern, no-kill dog sanctuary in Romania

Rescues and provides sheltering to abused, homeless animals

Rehabilitates dogs who have suffered emotional trauma

Protests inhumane and unnecessary dog killing, especially mass dogs killing using poison

Registered in the US, Australia and several other countries in Europe including Romania

Protests against the horrible the horrible conditions provided by public pounds

Sterilizes and microchips dogs

Built a second shelter for 600 dogs on death row

International rehoming

Fundraising Galas

Offers pet therapy to seniors from the local center

Educational activities

Dog houses campaign for dogs chained and exposed to extreme weather conditions

PawzUp Center – a giant step into the future for animal activism in Romania

With your help

We’ve funded 407 social projects
including food, medical emergencies,
and sterilization, to help a total of 2968 pets from poor communities.

But there’s still more to be done.
We still need your support. Here’s how you
can get involved…

Donate once or monthly to help a stray dog

Make a gift in your will to change a dog’s future

Become an Ambassador – The easiest, free way to help animals in need

Goals & Dream

Reasons to continue
supporting ROLDA

2021: Help us provide emergency medical care and food aid to 1500 animals

2021: Help us fundraise to sterilize and microchip 150 dogs and cats from impoverished communities

15 years from now:

See our NEW PawzUp Center functioning at full capacity to help cats, donkeys, horses, and hundreds of more dogs. Plus, see us educate our community about respect towards animals and help us grow our pet therapy for seniors program


ROLDA is an international animal welfare organization operating in Romania to solve humanely, efficiently, and responsibly the stray dog population in Romania, which is estimated to be 2.5 million. ROLDA has a strict no-kill policy. Our key focuses are rescue, rehabilitation, rehoming, spay/neuter, social programs, and education.


Animal abandonment
Uncontrolled animal reproduction
Animal cruelty
Animal euthanasia
Illegal animal transport


Adoption campaigns
Dog shelters
Sterilization programs
Education programs
Veterinary aid
Pet support for low-income families

COVID-19 also affects animals!

Help us keep our shelters open for our 700 dogs. Help impoverished pet owners
from losing their pets due to the financial woes caused by COVID-19!

How are animals in Romania affected by COVID-19?

– More pets abandoned

Abandoned dogs and cats quickly become disoriented and are at high risk of being hit by a vehicle. Abandoned pets are usually easy to spot from their well-fed frames and their clean fur. Our team has rescued more abandoned pets since March 2020. This is due to the fear that animals can carry the virus and spread it to humans.

– Food and Medicine shortage

Supporters from abroad sustain ROLDA’s work. Since the COVID-19 crisis began, donations have hit an all-time low, putting us at risk of not being able to purchase food and medicine for our 700 dogs.

– Lack of volunteers, human contact, and shortage of staff

ROLDA has not been able to welcome volunteers due to lockdowns and travel restrictions.

What are WE doing?

ROLDA continues to help the animals in our community.

ROLDA is looking for emergency funding to help secure food and medicine for our dogs during the pandemic.

ROLDA caretakers keep working around the clock to provide quality care to our 700 dogs.

We have over 350 senior dogs in our shelters.
It takes dedicated people to understand their particular needs.
Meet Sierra and Fade! They need you!

How can you make a senior
#roldadog happy today?


You and I have funded


Animals helped




Social cases


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