#NeverLetGo Awareness Campaign 2020 – ROLDA

Pet abandonment is the principal reason for stray dog overpopulation in Romania. Many dogs are abandoned as soon as they were born; but also at different ages: puppies, adults, seniors. Dogs are often treated more badly than rubbish. Thrown into a ditch or left on the edge of the road. You can see them running after the car that speeds away. You can see them disoriented, alone, suffering, hungry, with parasites or wounds – but mostly because they have lost their human friend. Whatever we do to them, these innocent creatures still consider us humans to be their best friend, even when they walk past turning a blind eye to their suffering.  This video was created by Alina in support of ROLDA #NeverLetGo Campaign, a tribute to the extraordinaire dog-human bond, as well as a motivational campaign against #pets #abandon.

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