July 2016


By |July 3rd, 2016|

Tami, The Waving Paw Dog, has found her forever Home in UK!!!

photo: Tami in UK
When we extend our hand out to another person, what are we communicating? “Hello, nice to meet you. My name is Dana.” We could also be offering peace, acceptance or forgiveness. Nevertheless, when someone offers their hand, it’s a universal sign of good intention.

Can this be true for animals as well?
I never really thought about it until the day I met Tami.

Late one evening, the last transport of new rescue dogs arrived in our paddock. We were all exhausted, but also excited to welcome the newest […]

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June 2016


By |June 11th, 2016|

Pasha, twisted paw dog, has been adopted!

Finally! Nearly five months after we rescued Pasha, the twisted paw dog, she has found her forever home in the United Kingdom. We had been trying to find Pasha a home since January, but we only received numerous donations for her (which we are extremely grateful for) and zero adoption inquiries. Normally we don’t get desperate if one of our dogs doesn’t get adopted within the first six months, but after three months with Pasha, we were all getting worried that no one wanted her because of her deformed paw.

 We understand that accepting a […]

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May 2016


By |May 25th, 2016|

Donate to ROLDA UK
ROLDA UK is incorporated charity (CIO) in England and Wales since 2015. Registration no 1162690.

These are some examples of emergency needs where your donation is making the difference between life and death:

New rescue dogs (past year approx.  900 dogs have been helped by ROLDA in Romania)
Medical costs (from treatments against fleas and worms to complicated surgeries)
Food for 200 dogs left to starve by the steel company owned by one of richest men on Earth read more
Kennels repairs, maintenance water system, building running spaces

Please check the following options to donate and scroll the page to read about GiftAid.
Unsure […]

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March 2015

Adoption process

By |March 12th, 2015|

How British people can adopt a Romanian dog from our shelters and have it delivered in UK?
Please follow these simple steps to adopt:

1. Click here to meet ROLDA Dogs ready for adoption. Please note at the bottom of each dog profile ‘page there is a set of colorful icons describing the best possibly the dog personality.

2. Write us an email at Don’t forget to include the dog name and the questions you have about the dog, or let us help you: send us a brief description of what do you search and we’ll be delighted to suggest you a dog.

3. […]

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