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Millions of homeless animals exist across Romania. As well as countless complains: Noise, Dirt, Strays attack, Diseases.

Be part of the change

#GiveHope to animals that have no one else

#GiveHope to animals that have no one else

#GiveHope to animals that have no one else

Countless problems charities like ROLDA face


The issues



Lack of education

Filthy PS

Overcrowded shelters

Animal abuse

How we address these problems

How ROLDA helps people

  • Efficient diseases management plan
  • Sterilize homeless animals and pets to reduce number of litters
  • Rehome responsibly healthy and sociable dogs
  • Work efficiently, humanely and transparently
  • Bring foreign donations to support Romanians social problems
  • Respond to disaster crisis: helping people, their pets and their farm animals
  • Deliver humanitarian aid to poor communities
  • Program addressed to senior citizens
  • Program addressed to children
  • Create jobs in rural areas
  • Raise awareness about the animals into whole community

How ROLDA helps animals

  • Rescue abused, homeless and injured dogs
  • Rehabilitate scared and unsecure dogs
  • Diseases control management
  • Build shelters for dogs and cats
  • Transparency
  • Social campaigns
  • Public awareness
  • Law enforcement
  • Responsible shelter management

How we earn your trust

Love come first

Our team rescue, provide sheltering, rehabilitate and rehome dogs all year round


Keeping our costs down means your gift make the biggest waves possible

Targeting root causes

Going after the strays overpopulation’ symptoms is temporary. Going after its causes is permanent.


Financial and annual reports are ready for you. Simply ask.

Your donation multiplies

Your gift + marketing + grants + donated goods + matching gifts = Bigger impact

International leadership

Think Global but Act Local to help animals in the poorest area of Romania.