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I joined ROLDA in the summer of 2019 as one of their UK representatives. I was fortunate enough to come across an online job posting and it has been a blossoming and mutally rewarding experience ever since. I was struck by the scale and nature of the problem in Romania ROLDA is desperately seeking to solve, I couldn’t keep dry eyes reading the stories and case studies on the website and even questioned myself if I wouldn’t find working with what is sometimes harrowing subject matter too upsetting.



Copywriter, Grant Writer
I started working for ROLDA in 2015, doing a little bit of administration here and there. After hearing more about the plight of Romanian stray dogs, I started taking on more responsibilities, such as revamping the website and social media. I’m now involved in many aspects of the daily management of ROLDA, such as managing the UK team and bringing on new talented volunteers who can help us achieve our ambitions to save more dogs in need.



International Manager ROLDA
I have always been an enormous animal lover, dogs being my absolute favourite animal of all. I have three gorgeous rescue dogs, one of which I adopted from ROLDA in 2012. I was so bowled over by the fantastic rescue that Dana had built up from literally nothing. I followed the rescue over the years, feeling frustrated that I couldn’t do more to help them. My ROLDA rescue, Mia is such an amazing girl, I couldn’t bare to think of other dogs like her suffering on the streets.



part of ROLDA UK Team, Adopter, Volunteer
I started volunteering for ROLDA UK at the beginning of 2021 when I had seen a Facebook post asking for more homecheck volunteers. I was eager to become a part of the team and was really excited to help the dogs find forever homes. Since volunteering, I have also recently adopted my dog Cody (was Stefanut) from ROLDA. The whole process is massively rewarding and has allowed me to gain so many new skills along the way. I wouldn’t change it for the world.



I started volunteering for ROLDA UK when we adopted our dog Azucar from them. The support I received throughout the adoption process and beyond was fantastic, so when I heard that they were looking for more volunteers I jumped at the chance to contribute to the happiness of more dogs like mine. The team here in the UK have become my ROLDA family and genuine friends. Volunteering is so rewarding and doesn’t need to take up huge chunks of your time either, so it’s a great way to do good in the world without having to make a large commitment.



Adoption Coordinator
I want you to know that I am really grateful for Lana. You have looked after her brilliantly and she is such a joy. I know she spent over 5 years in the shelter, but she has fitted into my life so perfectly. She was a brilliant hostess and was of course very spoiled throughout the period. Thank you Dana – without your team, she would not have had the confidence for this…she absolutely shone.



part of UK Team, Adopter


Consultant Fundraiser


Social Media Copywriter
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