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Fostering is a rewarding and extremely helpful way to volunteer for ROLDA. We are always looking for new foster carers throughout the UK as it provides a stable halfway house between the Romanian shelters and their forever home.


Foster homes provide a temporary sanctuary where one or more of our dogs can adapt to a home environment and build their confidence before meeting potential new owners. Some people are happy to adopt a Romanian street dog but feel they want to meet the dog first before committing. Fosterers really help us to achieve this.

Why do we need foster carers?

● Foster carers give potential owners the chance to meet their dog before adopting, a valuable service that that puts the mind at ease and increases the chance of a successful adoption.

● Foster carers free up valuable space at one of our shelters in Romania which allows us to rescue another homeless dog. By fostering one, you are helping two. Foster carers provide ROLDA with another option if an adoption falls through. For example, some dogs are deemed to be ok with cats but there is an off chance they might decide cats are not for them. If you have a cat free house, it would be great to home the dog temporarily with you until we find a permanent, cat free home.

How do I foster?

1. Contact ROLDA UK

Complete the form below and we will
be in touch soon.

2. Homecheck arranged

A homecheck helps ensure we recommend the right dog for you to foster. We will provide you with our best recommendation but there is no obligation and you can also make suggestions as to which dog you would prefer to foster.

3. Fostering agreement

We ask you to complete a fostering contract which means we retain ownership of the dog and may require the dog to be returned to us. In the agreement, we ask you to agree to provide care for the dog until their forever home is found.

We will be in contact with you on a regular basis and ask that you provide photos and updates. The UK team will be available at all times to provide help and support.

  • Contact ROLDA about becoming a foster carer