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Our work helps animals in distress PERMANENTLY and DIRECTLY.

ROLDA UK was established to raise awareness and financial support for the campaigns initiated by its sister charity, ROLDA Romania.

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In The UK

Since 2015, ROLDA UK has been raising awareness in the UK about the catastrophic conditions abandoned animals face in Romania. ROLDA UK runs a robust and comprehensive adoptions programme designed to ensure that each successful adopter is matched with the right rescue dog, to ensure the highest chance of success. Together with our behavioural expert, we provide a first class aftercare service and full rescue back up to help ensure any teething problems are dealt with quickly and efficiently and our dogs are always safe and cared for.

In Romania

We started our journey in Romania (Central Europe) in 2006 with the aim to solve the appalling problem of the country’s estimated millions stray population. In home country, ROLDA is helping injured, neglected animals but also people who struggle to look after their pets in a responsible manner. We run sterilization, education campaigns as well as social programs especially made to help senior people look after their beloved furry friends and never be forced to abandon them, due to economic problems.

We don’t choose easy solutions

ROLDA never put to sleep healthy animals. We fight, together with the animals, for each life. If there is a medical solution and if the cat or dog has even a little chance to recover, we act.

Forever care

ROLDA provides shelter from the moment a dog or a cat is rescued until it goes to their forever home.

We don't give up

In a country with one of the worst homeless animals overpopulation, failure is not an option.

ROLDA UK goals

To provide a robust and comprehensive adoption program to help rehome as many dogs as possible.
To educate the UK public about the plight of Romanian homeless animals and how they can help us rescue, rehabilitate and rehome more animals that have no one else.
To support our parent charity ROLDA Romania through UK fundraising activities.

Holistic approach

Our work is:

Humane and responsible

Read about the impact of ROLDA on a population of approx 10.000 strays and our measured results.

Focused on animal welfare principles

Learn more about “Sponsor a dog” opportunities or how you can become a Global Parent.


ROLDA constantly track our progress and shares the results with everyone involved.

Community based

The best way to protect animals is to help them be safe in their community.


Because ROLDA respects our great supporters!

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