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Recycle your cartridges

Recycle your cartridges

Recycle your used printer cartridges for our charity so we can save more dogs.

ROLDA has teamed up with to help raise funds for stray dogs in Romania —while helping the environment— by encouraging you to recycle your ink cartridges.

Why recycle your ink cartridges?

To protect our environment. Did you know that…
 The plastic used in the average cartridge will take 1,000 years to decompose
 The average ink cartridge can be reused between 3 to 7 times
 An estimated 350 million cartridges end up in landfill each year

That’s a lot of unnecessary waste! Many of us are not aware that most ink cartridges can be recycled, or that many charities collect them to help raise funds.

How will recycling your cartridges help save dogs in Romania?

When you send us your cartridges we ensure that they go through the proper channels to get recycled in exchange for money. We use the money raised to:
 Buy dog food for homeless dogs and dogs at our shelters
 Buy medicine, vitamins, and medical supplies
 Pay for veterinary bills (including operations and aftercare)
 Organize spay/neuter campaigns
 Organize vaccination campaigns

How much we can help our dogs depends on how many cartridges people recycle. Our goal is to raise awareness about cartridge recycling and the positive impact it has on our environment and for dogs in Romania.

Ready to recycle your cartridges?
How do I recycle my cartridges?
Please visit

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