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Romania has a huge problem of homeless dogs. It’s common place to see dogs injured, sick, abused and unfortunately tortured on the streets of Romania. Dogs are caught inhumanely by the public authorities, thrown into vans, transported to the shelter where they are imprisoned with other unfortunate strays. No assessment is made as to which dogs are contained together. Timid dogs are often attacked and killed by large, aggressive dogs. If they escape this fate but no one claims them, they are often mercilessly killed by the shelter employees, in the most brutal way. In Romania, stray dogs are a pest, a problem to be disposed of. We at ROLDA say this is unacceptable and we are working tirelessly to end this horrendous situation. Full stop.


  Enormous numbers of homeless dogs in Romania
  Limited knowledge about animal care or welfare in the community
  Extremely limited financial resources for people, especially in rural communities.
  Lack of qualified personnel to work within animal welfare


  To build and run modern shelters
  To run sterilisation campaigns for homeless animals
  To microchip and sterilise pets in the community
  To help improve public pounds
  To campaign to close illegal pounds
  To help disadvantaged families care for their pets properly
  To ensure we are a shining example of how an animal rescue charity should be managed.


  We have built two modern sanctuaries for animals
  We run 2-3 sterilisation campaigns a year
  We visit with #roldadogs the seniors from the local retirement homes
  We provide veterinary support and education to our community
  We provide medical and food aid for the communities affected by floods
  We save dogs from the local public pound
  We campaign to close low welfare public pounds across Romania
 We take action against animal abuses
 We create Speak Toto language to help the kids understand the stray dogs body language
 We ensure a high level of transparency and excellent management within the charity

 We are dedicated to providing appropriate education and training of all shelter and rescue staff who work or volunteer for us.

 We design educational events for all age groups

 We always aim to be an example for the local community and for the country as a whole. We are tirelessly working to drive forward a change in way the public and the authorities treat stray animals in Romania.


  • We are active and registered in a number of countries worldwide, including Australia, the UK, Norway, Sweden, the USA, Germany, Romania and Switzerland. Our UK registered charity number is 1162690.
  • Our first shelter has been nominated the ‘Best Dog Shelter’ in Romania three times!
  • We are proud with 2018 and 2019 Top Rated badges received from Great NonProfits. Access their website here.
  • We are members of Global Giving fundraising platform. See our projects here
  • Beatrice Wells, the daughter of Orson Wells, loved and supported our work so much that she financially sustained our rescue actions during 2001.
  • Lolita Morena, the Swiss animal activisit celebrity and ex-Miss Universe, visited the ROLDA shelters in 2013 and ever since, she continues to visit us regularly. Lolita is now part of ROLDA Board of Directors and also one of the founders of our Swiss sister charity which fundraise for ROLDA shelters needs, disaster relief (food, blankets, clothing) and rural community support (e.g. sterilization and identification of pets from poor families)
  • ROLDA, through donations from our dedicated and generous supporters, build two modern dog shelters. Our shelters currently house 700 dogs, a few cats and a donkey.
  • On top of rescuing and rehoming abused and abandoned dogs, we are actively involved in finding a long term solution to the stray problem we have in Romania. Part of this includes the organisation and implementation of large sterilisations campaigns every year.
  • We are in the process of building a charitable clinic where we can provide life saving medical treatment for dogs, saving them an uncomfortable and potentially fatal trip to the nearest vet. Once fully established, we will offer free or highly subsidized treatment to people with pets in the local area, with the aim to reduce the number of abandoned dogs due to high vet bills.
  • As a registered charity, we are regularly inspected:
    • ANSVSA (National Veterinary Authority) visits ROLDA every 3 months and files a report about detailing how animals are handled, sheltered, treated medically and how welfare rules are respected. They also check official papers and internal registers, including the vaccination campaign and other things related to animals health.
    • ITM (part of Ministry of Labour and Social Security) inspectors ensure we respect employees rights.
    • Sanitary Inspection inspect ROLDA to ensure we respect the health and safety regulations for employees. ROLDA cares very deeply about the people who work with us to and we ensure they have dedicated spaces where people can eat, drink, wash and dress.
    • The ANAF (which is part of the Ministry of Finances in Romania) regularly inspect our finances to ensure we are contributing the correct amount of tax.
  • We are members of official bodies including:
    • The United Nations Global Compact aims to mobilise a global movement of sustainable companies and stakeholders to create the world we want. ROLDA is recognised by the UN Global Compact as aligning our strategies with the Ten Principles on human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. Access their website here.
    • In the UK we are members of The National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO)
    • We are a ‘Ticked’ charity with the ‘Australian Charities and Not-for- profits Commission’ (ACNC) in Australia. The ‘Tick’ aims to gives reassurance to the donating public that the charity is transparent and accountable by highlighting its presence on the ACNC Charity Register. Access their website here .
    • We are a platinum level GuideStar participant, demonstrating our commitment to transparency as a charity. Access their website here .


Some exciting visitors have been welcomed

to our shelters in Galati including:

In 2014, His Excellency, the Ambassador of Holland visited our shelters.

In 2015, the family of  the Ambassador of Switzerland visited our shelters and actually helped with a sterilisation campaign we ran at this time.

In 2013 Lolita Morena, the Swiss animal activisit celebrity and ex-Miss Universe, visited the ROLDA shelters and ever since, she is one of our top supporters and continues to visit us regularly.

In May 2005, Loretta Swit, the famous Hot Lips from M.A.S.H. TV series visited ROLDA.

more-about-roldaWe warmly welcome any visitors to our shelters, whether you wish to visit and choose a dog for adoption, have a closer look at our operation or get stuck in and help with the numerous daily activities that go hand in hand with hundreds of dogs!

Some of ROLDA Achievements include:


Since 2016, ROLDA managed to help 20213 animals mostly dogs but also cats and donkeys like Ben.

85% rehabilitated

From 2007 until 2016, we have reduced humanely the number of stray dogs from the industrial area and rehabilitated most of these semi-wild dogs.

18000 sterilised

Since ROLDA's inception, over 18000 sterilisation procedures have been undertaken in partnership with local vets.


We run education campaigns in local schools, to highlight how young people can start being part of the solution, instead of adding to the problem

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