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Why support ROLDA UK?

Romania has a huge homeless animal problem. It’s commonplace to see animals injured, sick, abused and unfortunately tortured on the streets of Romania.

Why support ROLDA UK?

Dogs are caught inhumanely by the public authorities, thrown into vans, and transported to the shelter where they are imprisoned with other unfortunate strays. No assessment is made as to which dogs are contained together.

Timid dogs are often attacked and killed by large, aggressive dogs. If they escape this fate but no one claims them, they are often mercilessly killed by the shelter employees, in the most brutal way. In Romania, stray dogs are a pest, a problem to be disposed of. We at ROLDA say this is unacceptable and we are working tirelessly to end this horrendous situation. Full stop.

The problems:

Enormous numbers of homeless dogs in Romania.
Limited knowledge about animal care or welfare in the community.
Extremely limited financial resources for people, especially in rural communities.
Lack of qualified personnel to work within animal welfare.

Our solutions:

To build and run shelters that meet modern standards.
To run sterilisation campaigns for pet owners in poor communities.
To campaign to close illegal pounds.
To help people who care for and respect animals.
To ensure we are a shining example of how an animal rescue charity should be managed.

ROLDA Romania’s achievements so far

We have built two modern shelters for dogs and one for senior cats

We run sterilization campaigns all year round

We provide veterinary support and education to our community

We help seniors to look after their pets and never be forced to abandon them

We distribute educational colouring books for free in schools in rural areas

We save dogs from the local public pound as often as we can

We take action against animal abuses

We ensure a high level of transparency and excellent management within the charity

We have launched a campaign, Speak Toto’s language to help kids understand stray dogs’ body language

We release emergency funding for animals affected by disasters (e.g. the Ukraine war, the 2023 earthquake in Syria, etc)

We are dedicated to providing appropriate education and training for all shelter and rescue staff who work or volunteer for us.

We always aim to be an example for the local community and for the country as a whole. We are tirelessly working to drive forward a change in the way the public and the authorities treat stray animals in Romania.

Some famous visitors have been welcomed to our shelters in Galati including:

In 2015, the family of the Ambassador of Switzerland visited our shelters and actually helped with a sterilisation campaign we ran at this time.

In 2014, His Excellency, the Ambassador of Holland visited our shelters.

In 2013 Lolita Morena, the Swiss celebrity animal activist and ex-Miss Universe, visited the ROLDA shelters. Ever since, she has been one of our top supporters and continues to visit us regularly.

In May 2005, Loretta Swit, the famous Hot Lips from the TV series M.A.S.H. visited ROLDA.

How British supporters help us:

Support fundraising efforts in the UK to benefit street animals in Romania and Ukraine, as well as to campaign against illegal public shelters, animal cruelty and abuses;

Encourage responsible adoptions where it’s the duty of the Romanian shelter to deliver healthy, sociable dogs to British families and request for adopters to be serious and committed in their duties for adopted dogs;

Enable rescued dogs to receive medical assistance and sheltering, and to be adopted in the UK;

Create online education campaigns to improve animals’ wellbeing.

How British supporters can help us reach
more animals in need

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