Adopt a dog at distance and you will save two lives!

When you adopt at distance a ROLDA dog, you are saving two lives, not just one. Please remember: Don’t shop, adopt! Every successful adoption at distance, every new dog’sponsor, means that another animal is rescued from the streets. Some people say that “street dogs” are mongrels, unmanageable, and not to be trusted. So why adopt a former stray and not a pure breed dog…click here to learn?

In our many years of experience, we can say with absolute conviction, that generalizations like the one above are wholly unfounded. Each dog, like each of us, is unique, and the product of our life experiences, and our individual character. ROLDA carefully assesses every one of our dogs to understand their behavior before we promote them for adoption. Regardless of breeding or background, no dog (or any other animal) can come with a “guarantee”.

That said, we have had many hundreds of successful adoptions, in many countries internationally. Rescued dogs often prove to be even more loyal and more loving than any puppy bought from a breeder. Perhaps they understand better than we know that they are one of a very few street dogs that ever get a second chance. So many of their pack are left to suffer and perish on in the dumps and alleys.

Please visit our Testimonials page to read for yourself the hundreds of lifelong, loving relationships have been made possible with your support. You may very well be convinced that you need a ROLDA dog yourself (we knew that already!) And we have hundreds of healthy, well-socialized, deserving dogs waiting so patiently for you to find them. Have a look:

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Are street dogs dangerous/friendly with cats/other small pets?

Our staff assess in the best possible way the behaviour of a dog behaviour before his / she is promoted for adoption. We use our knowledge, experience and available resources to do this. Because we respect each living creature, we won’t conduct experiments to see if a dog attacks a cat or not. This would be a very stressful situation for everyone, especially for the cat. We can only observe if the dog has killer instincts, or hunting instincts more intense than ‘normal’. Please remember that many strays remain alive on the streets because they were forced to hunt for their meals. Most of the dogs chase smaller animals, so it is important to distinguish if they chase to kill or chase for fun. It is the responsibility of the adopter to supervise how the dog will interact with a cat (or any other smaller pet from inside the house).

How do you assess someone before they adopt a dog?

ROLDA promote only sociable, healthy dogs via our website and we only agree to an adoption if we feel the person is ready to accept an ex-street dog. We also ensure that the dog they identify is the right temperament for them. After completing a pre-adoption application, all adopters receive a mandatory home check and they all sign an adoption contract. After receiving the dog, adopters remain in good communication with our trustworthy representatives from ROLDA international branches. These representatives often meet our dogs and their new families during various events that we organise.

How much is the adoption fee?

The adoption fee for the UK is £90 which covers vaccination, pet passport, microchipping and a crucial health test before transportation. The adoption fee doesn't include the transport costs. Please visit the Adoption page to find out more.

Why does ROLDA promote dog adoptions abroad?

Adoptions in Romania are rare, often unreliable. Dogs are everywhere in Romania: on the streets, near trash collection points, roaming in residential areas, around industrial sites, even inside some hospitals’ courtyards. Romania shelters (both private and public) are filled with dogs. The number of street dogs is huge. Our shelters do not only accommodate the dogs collected from the streets, but also the dogs abandoned by their owners. Starting 2013, the trap/neuter/release model is illegal. International adoption is the only chance that a dog from the streets has. It’s the only opportunity we can give to a stray for a new life. When a dog is safely adopted abroad, we have an extra space in our shelters to save another dog. Otherwise, our shelters will be quickly overpopulated with dogs and this is not only against our policy, but it is also wrong for the dogs’ health, causing them extra stress.

What happens when my sponsored dog is adopted?

Thank you for being one of our dogs’ sponsors. If you sponsored a dog listed on this website and during the sponsoring time (one year) the dog was adopted or if, unfortunately, he/she passes away, you can choose another dog to benefit of your generous support. Please click here to find another dog to sponsor

Are street dogs dangerous to kids?

Our staff assess the behaviour of all our dogs as best as they can and only the dogs that show no signs of aggression are listed for adoption. We use our knowledge, experience and available resources to do this. We will not use children in experiments to see how dogs behave around the them. The parent/adopter must keep children under strict observation to avoid any unpleasant incidents, which can occur with any dog no matter whether they are ex-street dogs or purchased as puppies. We have noticed many of our former street dogs are more loyal and grateful for receiving a warm bed, a good meal and a safe place called home.

How are animals transported?

We use a UK company to transport our dogs to the UK. The company, A2B Pet Transport, are DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs) approved. Their vans are heated, ventilated and air conditioned to ensure the animals travel as comfortably as possible.

What is the adoption procedure?

The first step is to complete the online adoption form. If you have any questions, please contact us either by email at or by telephone on 07470549402. Once you have completed the adoption form, our UK co-ordinator will be in contact. Complete our adoption form

Why should I adopt from Romania when our country shelters are full?

Statistics show that people, who adopt dogs from abroad, also actively help the local organisations and have adopted at least once from their local shelter. All homeless dogs deserve a loving, safe home. Our dogs have suffered living on the streets of Romania, where people often treat them as vermin. They have had a difficult, often terrifying and traumatic start to life. Our dogs aren’t for everyone, they need extra commitment to help them heal from the circumstances they have encountered. Whether you choose to adopt a dog from Romania or from the UK, the main thing is that you adopt and help save a dog from life in a kennel.