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Help a #lifechanger transform homeless people’s lives

Help a #lifechanger transform homeless people’s lives

Since it started in 2015, ROLDA UK has been actively involved in solving the Romanian stray animal crisis.

Then, when we heard about the war, we stepped in to help the animals in Ukraine too; it was our first major emergency project and we quickly managed to cover many areas and reach many rescues, building skills that would help us when dealing with stressful and challenging situations.
Using the experience we have gained, we are confident that ROLDA is ready to start a new chapter; one involving a different emergency project, a daily emergency, one that happens in most large cities, right in front of our very eyes.
We are proud to announce Help a #lifechanger; a project created to support the pets of homeless people.

ROLDA is starting this project in the UK and hopefully, over the years, we will expand it to other countries.

How you can help a #lifechanger to transform homeless people’s lives?

The first phase of the project: Through 2024, ROLDA UK volunteers will distribute emergency packs to homeless people for their pets.

We have identified a number of items that will keep a pet healthy and safe, so they can continue to live happily with their owner.

First Aid Kit with Thermometer
Fleece Blanket
100 x 70 cm

Sponsor a pack

You can sponsor a pack for a #lifechanger for £40.

Why should you sponsor this project? Here are a few reasons:

You want to support the special bond between a pet and a person, who most likely, has nothing else

You care about homeless people

You love animals, no matter where they are

You want to contribute so less fortunate people can enjoy the company of healthy animals

You understand the benefits of animals in a persons life

Why are we helping homeless people’s pets?

Since 2010, the UK homeless population has been increasing. In 2018 it was estimated that there were 320,000 homeless people, including 130,000 children, representing 0.5% (1 in 200) of the population.
Of these, over 4,600 people sleep rough every night. The latter number is likely underestimated, as many rough sleepers avoid being counted.

In addition to rough sleepers, homelessness includes those living in hostels, sofa surfing, or living in other forms of temporary accommodation (the “Hidden Homeless”).


Homelessness is linked with poverty and social isolation and is considered a risk factor for both poor physical and psychological health.

Pet ownership among homeless people is common, and although the number of homeless pets in the UK is unknown, studies elsewhere have reported between 5% and 24% of homeless people own a pet, with the majority being dogs.
These dogs are the main, and often only, source of physical, psychological, and social support to their owners.

Why #lifechanger: What pets mean to their owners.

These quotes were extracted from interviews given by homeless people in the US and the UK about how their pets transformed their lives:

“You have to be clean to have the dog…My dog comes first in my life. I had to ask: would I rather use drugs, or feed my dog? Because I fell in love with my dog, I gave up the needle. Gave up the pipe. I gave up liquor. Everything.

Monty is my best friend because being homeless, you don’t really have friends unless you’re drinking and doing drugs and all. You just walk the streets and just try to find what you can on the streets. He gives me energy because he can make me get out and walk.

Over the years, I have faced difficult moments, like everyone does. During those moments, I never felt alone. The company of the right people, of family and friends, is always special, but the company of a friend that never goes away when you need it the most; a friend that loves you exactly the way you are; a friend you can feel close to, who is always ready to cheer you up …that’s a pet. A dog, in my case.

It’s true that you probably rescued your pet, but pets have the ability to save us, too, and for many people, that is the case: from small things like improving their owners health, social life, etc to lifesaving situations, where because of their pets, people have stopped taking drugs and rediscovered the joy of living.

Pets are pure, loyal, full of good emotions; they bring to light the best version of ourselves in a way nothing else can… And if these amazing creatures can stay with people who have lost almost everything, they can be the #lifechangers they need.

I kindly ask you to spare a penny to help ROLDA help homeless people’s pets. If you know the special feeling that comes from enjoying the company of your pet in the comfort of your home, imagine how special that feeling would be if you had no comfort, no home, nothing else. I believe projects like these have a chance to really make a difference and I know that ROLDA supporters know to #givehope and share in the most amazing way.
Thank you.”

Dana Costin

Founder of ROLDA

Be a hero for animals in need

Be a hero for animals in need

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